Rock Photographer Henry Diltz

In about one weeks from now we will premiere our documentary about the legend and rock photographer Henry Diltz. My friends Keijo and Gunnar asked if I could direct the movie about the Woodstock photographer and his life. Its been almost three years in the making now, 30 interviews and about the same number of great songs from the 60s and 70s music scene in Laurel Canyon, up in the Hollywood Hills, is featured in the film. I hope you have a chance to see the documentary on SVT2 next Friday (Sweden only for now)DiltzSVTsept4_ENG_Square1

Henry Diltz, the Man Who Shot The Doors


Henry also filmed the group on Venice Beach back in 1970.

The 8 m/m film about The Doors, having fun on the beach, is unique and

never seen before. Now you can see this rare footage In the documentary about

Diltz. Henry Diltz will also tell the crazy story how he photographed the group for

the iconic cover of their album Morrison Hotel.

(headline by / Jeff Weiss, LA Weekly)