Way Out With Prince

Way Out With Prince
Posted on August 13, 2011, when Prince performed at the Way Out West festival in Gothenburg.
My meeting with Prince was short but memorable. It was back in Los Angeles 1991 and Roxette took the Californians by storm. We did a story on Per Gessle cruising down Sunset Boulevard in my Ford Thunderbird 1959. After rapping up the photo session in front of Tower Records we went for a drink at the Rainbow Bar and Grill, or it could have been The Viper Room. Normally they give you a valid parking ticket and drive off with your car to a parking lot. But my beautiful 59 squarebird stayed in front of the club (together with a Lamborghini and a few Ferrari’s) . Leaving the club and waiting for the keys to my T-bird Prince and his entourage showed up. Prince looked at my lipstick red squarebird and then looked at me and said, “really nice whip (car)”.



Beach Boys in Tokyo

Beach Boys is in town and I documented the Tokyo visit for
Japan music producer Kaz Sakamoto and a Japan record company.
The focus was on Jeffrey Foskett and Mike Love talking about
memories and their many visits to Japan throughout the years.
Three of the old-timers are still playing in the band.
A moment in time and lots of fun hanging out with the Beach
Boys for a couple of days in Tokyo.
BeachBoys_Tokyo_airport BeachBoys_Tokyo_Concert 124 BeachBoys_Tokyo_Concert 125 Janolof_BeachBoys_Tokyo 125

January 11 is the day when Japanese teens celebrate being adults. They turned 20 year! They guys dress up smart and the girls wear kimonos. This photo is a frame from a 4K video scene. The story about Japanese girls and boys turning grownups will be featured as one of ten stories in a series with the working title Japan Stories. I will have the series streamed on Internet. Probably on a podcast site. I don´t have one yet, but stay tuned. I will tell you when the new site is up and running.

KimonoGirls20YearsOld 112small