Torii – the gates of Japan

Here you have a great location for your next movie. The Shinto shrines in Japan are famous for their beautiful and powerful gates called torii. Takayama Inari and Motonosumi Inari-jinja have hundreds of torii gates winding up the mountains from the Pacific to their sacred shrines . Coming autumn we will see this breathtaking nature turn fiery red. A must see and a powerful movie location. If you want more locations from Japan go to my site

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The sound of Japan in August

If you planning to shoot an outdoor interview in Japan stay away

from the month of July and August – this is the time of the cicadas.
Cicadas, a large bug that you find in most part of the world, is
singing-in the summer in Japan. Even though it´s warm in June,
the summer really starts when you hear the cicadas sing. And it is
annoying to say the least. And forget about getting any ambient
sound other then this singing ticking time bomb. The cicadas live
2 meters underground for up to 17 years, then one hot day they
decide to surface, all at the same time. They hang around in trees
screaming out their love song for up to two month.

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Production Services Japan

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Way Out With Prince

Way Out With Prince
Posted on August 13, 2011, when Prince performed at the Way Out West festival in Gothenburg.
My meeting with Prince was short but memorable. It was back in Los Angeles 1991 and Roxette took the Californians by storm. We did a story on Per Gessle cruising down Sunset Boulevard in my Ford Thunderbird 1959. After rapping up the photo session in front of Tower Records we went for a drink at the Rainbow Bar and Grill, or it could have been The Viper Room. Normally they give you a valid parking ticket and drive off with your car to a parking lot. But my beautiful 59 squarebird stayed in front of the club (together with a Lamborghini and a few Ferrari’s) . Leaving the club and waiting for the keys to my T-bird Prince and his entourage showed up. Prince looked at my lipstick red squarebird and then looked at me and said, “really nice whip (car)”.