Documentary Tokyo-San Francisco

Just finished filming in San Francisco. This material is part of a Japanese documentary about 16th century and todays artform and their artists in Japan, US and Europe. We will be back in Tokyo on December 29 where we will look at a production for Italian RAI TV. RAI is planing on production in several locations throughout Japan this coming spring.

Japan art small

Beach Boys in Tokyo

Beach Boys is in town and I documented the Tokyo visit for
Japan music producer Kaz Sakamoto and a Japan record company.
The focus was on Jeffrey Foskett and Mike Love talking about
memories and their many visits to Japan throughout the years.
Three of the old-timers are still playing in the band.
A moment in time and lots of fun hanging out with the Beach
Boys for a couple of days in Tokyo.
BeachBoys_Tokyo_airport BeachBoys_Tokyo_Concert 124 BeachBoys_Tokyo_Concert 125 Janolof_BeachBoys_Tokyo 125