Documentary Tokyo-San Francisco

Just finished filming in San Francisco. This material is part of a Japanese documentary about 16th century and todays artform and their artists in Japan, US and Europe. We will be back in Tokyo on December 29 where we will look at a production for Italian RAI TV. RAI is planing on production in several locations throughout Japan this coming spring.

Japan art small

Wireless Wi-FI for free all over Japan

Carriers in Japan are teaming up to offer foreign tourists easier access to free Wi-Fi.The firms like SoftBank and KDDI seek to start the service across the country in about a year’s time. Currently, free Wi-Fi is available at a growing number of locations, including train stations, hotels, public facilities, and shops. The trend comes as foreign visitors have complained about hefty bills for Japanese mobile services and Japan like to change this right now and aiming for the upcoming Tokyo olympic games in 2020.

WiFi Japan

Torii – the gates of Japan

Here you have a great location for your next movie. The Shinto shrines in Japan are famous for their beautiful and powerful gates called torii. Takayama Inari and Motonosumi Inari-jinja have hundreds of torii gates winding up the mountains from the Pacific to their sacred shrines . Coming autumn we will see this breathtaking nature turn fiery red. A must see and a powerful movie location. If you want more locations from Japan go to my site

Torii Torii6 Torri2 Torri3 Torri4 Torii5