Documentary Tokyo-San Francisco

Just finished filming in San Francisco. This material is part of a Japanese documentary about 16th century and todays artform and their artists in Japan, US and Europe. We will be back in Tokyo on December 29 where we will look at a production for Italian RAI TV. RAI is planing on production in several locations throughout Japan this coming spring.

Japan art small

LA looks the same…

Los Angeles, my home base for over 15 years, is the same. Nowadays I´m working more in Europe, Asia and my favorite city San Francisco, but during the 80´s and early 90´s LA was my home. We lived in the beautiful Pacific Palisades high up on Lachman Lane. Every morning we had breakfast on the front porch overlooking the Pacific Ocean. During the winter months we could see all the way to Catalina Island. Those were the days. Well, now I´m back for business. We´re planing for a new entertainment documentary. Will tell you more about it later. Here are some pictures in a drive-by-shooting style. The early morning shots are from our trip down from San Francisco on Interstate 5. The others are from Los Angeles. Would I move back? Nope, my favorite place is up north. LA for work and San Francisco to live.

Sunset over Santa Monica

Our hide-a-way when in LA

Dustin Hoffman – looks promising

Only in Beverly Hills

Will Rogers Memorial Park and Horse Stable

My favorite model

Golden State Freeway Interstate 5

Izabella – A day at the ranch

Now I´m back in Sweden, but before I left sunny California I did produce a cute  30 sec commercial for Business Region Gothenburg. Izabella, 2,5 years old, is the star and did she perform! We spent a good half day at the Bright Future Farms in Walnut Creek, California. The video is shot with Canon 1D and 5D. I tried the Marshall 5″ monitor but realized that this kind of action, with horses and a wild kid running all over the place, is not for Marshall. So it was back to Zacuto´s Z-finder Pro – absolutely a must for fast action. The rig, by Zacuto, did the job.

The video “Izabella – A day at the ranch” will be shown at the Göteborg Horse Show February 24-27. If you like to see the video go to:

I can´t get enough of you!

Warning! For all you, my friends, who don´t give a rat about technical stuff. This is yet another technical post. But stay with me, I will post some juicy production updates very soon.

Well I know last post was about crazy gadget pro´s, (and I could be one of them), BUT this you got to have. You can´t live without this EVF, that is if you shoot DSLR cameras. I can´t wait until I get my hands on one of these viewfinders. Stockholm, Amsterdam, Heidelberg, Gothenburg, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai and San Francisco will come out much better on the silver screen when I have this beauty. Expensive? Yes! But it will payoff. Just got my Marshal 5″  monitor, I think I´ll give it to my granddaughter (2,5 year). Then she can watch Mickey Mouse Club House in bed…

If you want to know more about this EVF go to the makers:

iPhone for movie makers

Well either you can by the big gun, RED ONE (Mysteruim x) for USD 25000 plus a set of prime lenses (USD 19000)…

…or just go with your iPhone. To help you out with a steady shot, came up with this little gadget.

Take a look at this video shot and edited entirely on an iPhone 4.

Note: I had to shorten the video to under 2 min. I hope this is OK with the producer majekpictures. To see the full length video; over 5 min, look for it on YouTube – “APPLE OF MY EYE – iPhone 4 film”.