Get your own torii gate in Kyoto

  • big5worldKyotos most popular site for tourists this year is Fushimi Inari Shrine. 10,000 torii gates in bright red. And they’re all sponsored. So if you want to have your own gate for millions of tourists to see you just come up with a few hundred thousands yen and the gate is yours. #kyoto⛩#fushimiinari #torii

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Torii – the gates of Japan

Here you have a great location for your next movie. The Shinto shrines in Japan are famous for their beautiful and powerful gates called torii. Takayama Inari and Motonosumi Inari-jinja have hundreds of torii gates winding up the mountains from the Pacific to their sacred shrines . Coming autumn we will see this breathtaking nature turn fiery red. A must see and a powerful movie location. If you want more locations from Japan go to my site

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